6 thoughts on “D71 – Chilcutt

  1. What evidence did you use to build your hypothesis and were you expecting to be correct in your assumption of the results?

    1. We expected a hit for a chemotherapy based on the evidence that NSAIDs ,like our compound flufenamic acid, has been shown to inhibit important tumor processes like metastasis and angiogenesis.

  2. What was the purpose of adding propionic acid to the fly food mixture? Does it make a difference if you add the acid prior to heating?

    1. The propionic acid is used as a preservative. Propionic has a very unpleasant, pungent smell so putting it in the microwave would make this way worse and I think that microwaving acid is just a bad idea in general but I’m not exactly sure what affect it would have.

  3. What do you think would cause the max dose without radiation to be a hit, but the max dose with radiation not to be? Do you think this was experimental error, or does the radiation make the drug less effective?

    1. It could be that the radiation made the compound less effective. I think more trials need to be done to ensure this is the case.

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