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    1. Phospholipase A2 is found in a wide variety of venoms but the most common are sea anemone and viper venon.

  1. This presentation was very clear about the goals and results of your experiment. Do you know what the effect phospholipase A2 would have on healthy cells in an organism if it was used as a chemotherapeutic?

    1. As of now I believe that this compound would affect all healthy cells and cancerous cells the same if they are rapidly dividing. The compound is not able to distinguish between the two which would give it similar effects to known chemotherapies today.

  2. What does it mean when the compound works synergistically versus when the compound works additively with radiation?

    1. Synergistically means that the compound would work in a way that would aid the effect of radiation and exponentially effect the effectiveness whereas additively would mean they are able to work at the same time but do not effect the effectiveness of the other.

    1. Throughout the course of the experiment there were a variety of different concentrations of Phospholipase A2 that were tested. By looking at the effectiveness of each dose the maximum dose that is effective can be determined.

  3. Great presentation and very well organized poster! Do you think testing this compound with an efflux pump inhibitor would change/ affect your results?

    1. I think that this could potentially have a positive effect on the results that I have found. If the compound is able to stay in the cell for longer it might have a stronger effect.

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