8 thoughts on “D74 – M Espey

    1. Great question! We incubated them at that temperature because 37C is mirroring the temperature in the human body.

    1. Thanks for the great question! Ethanol was difficult to use because it was killing our bacteria most of the time. We had to find a percentage of how much concentration of ethanol we could use for our compound while also not killing the bacteria.

  1. Given that polyphenols can act as factors that promote the growth of gut bacteria were you and your group surprised that phloroglucinol also promoted the growth of S. Typhimurium?

    1. Good question. Somewhat, though it is understandable why the polyphenol did in fact cause growth, many studies did suggest that our compound phloroglucinol would kill the bacteria.

  2. In your conclusion, are you also suggesting that at higher doses phloroglucinol may have antimicrobial affects? And would you consider testing phloroglucinol at a higher dosage?

    1. Great question! Yes, higher doses suggest antimicrobial affects, however we would most likely not consider testing phloroglucinol at a higher dose because it is already reaching the limited dose that we can put in a human body. In the future we are considering changing our compound to a different polyphenol, to try and achieve the antimicrobial effects that we observed in the studies we cited.

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