13 thoughts on “D78 – Marden

  1. Great job! Would you expect different results if this experiment was repeated with a different dosage series and repeated multiple times?

    1. The results may change slightly if the experiment is redone but even if the dosage was changed It probably would yield similar results. Unfortunately this compound wasn’t really effective.

  2. What kind of proteins are present in the venom that can affect cancer cells and how do they affect these cells?

    1. I’m not sure but I know the venom has an effect on red blood cells so it would effect the angiogenesis of a tumor.

    1. It was placed in a radiation machine(it looks like a big microwave) while the flies were in vials.

    1. For the negative control (DMSO) we expected the 50% to die because of radiation and for the positive control (Coichicine) we expected 50% to die from radiation and the other 50% to die from Coichicine a known chemotherapeutic.

  3. I rather liked this experiment. What would you like to test next as a potential chemotherapeutic therapy?

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