8 thoughts on “D80 – Chavez-Lopez

    1. Hi Sarah! the light box was only used to see if any of the larva remained inside the pupae case, so it was just like a flashlight to manually count them!

  1. Do you believe that your drug may still prove to have chemotherapeutic activity if the dose is raised high enough?

    1. Hi Tucker! I believe if the dosages actually where lowered that there may be some chemotherapeutic activity.

    1. Hi Sweta! Grape juice agar was chosen for us, but i believe it has no impact on the data being collected.

  2. For your future directions, why would more diluted dosage be more effective than the higher dosage used throughout the experiments?

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! More diluted dosage would just help get a better curve index to view if our drug was actually helping. Using smaller dosages will help in making sure we see a difference right off the bat and not just inferencing

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