10 thoughts on “D84 – Gentry

  1. If your drug had positive effects on breast and lung cancer, why did you use a model organism that mimics head and neck cancer?

    1. The model organism was chosen for us for this lab, but we wanted to see if Clofazimine (even though effects had been seen in breast and lung cancer) could have an effect with something that mimics head and neck cancer. This would make it a drug that could have many applications as opposed to just a few. Our mistake could’ve been that we didn’t use higher doses.

    1. We did choose Clofazimine and the reason we chose it is because it is already FDA approved, which would make it a little easier to use in clinical trials (if it got that far) and it has been shown to have effects on certain types of cancer.

  2. Do you believe that the experiments described in the future directions should be done, despite the results that you guys got?

    1. Yes because we could’ve used doses that were too low to achieve effects and also, since Clofazimine has already been shown to have effects in certain cancer types it would be beneficial to do more research.

  3. If you had the opportunity to conduct more trials for this experiment, would you do anything differently? Also great presentation!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I would be more precise in the amount of third-instar larvae that were being used in each vial to get the most accurate results and also increase the doses that we used for Clofazimine because one problem may have been that the doses were just too low to cause any significant effect.

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