8 thoughts on “D8B – Cesta

    1. Thank you !! I believe our highest dose of compound was 3.33 mg/mL because that was the highest concentration we could use that was not toxic to humans, so I don’t think it’d be reasonable to increase the concentration for next experiments. :)))

    1. The most challenging aspect of our project would’ve had to been waiting for the larvae to pupate. We knew they would be ready to pupate in the vials in 1-2 wks, but sometimes they needed more time so it was a lot of observing and just waiting around.

    1. Yea, so we had a time period where the amount of larvae that we had been able to collect was very little so we had to put less larvae in our vials which could be the reason. Also, we did change the food so that could’ve also had an impact !

  1. Hi Kathy! Awesome work! What are the conditions that Arcyflacin need to be kept in? Can this prevent the use of it as a cancer drug in the long run?

    1. Thank you I appreciate it! So in the lab we kept our Arcryflavin A in the fridge whenever it was not being used, but I am sure that in the long run it could lose some of its strength as a compound throughout time but overall I believe it should be fine. Right now though, we are not sure if our compound is able to be used as a cancer drug since it did react as a radiation protector so we’d need to do more extensive research. 🙂

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