6 thoughts on “D8b – Blaszak

    1. Hi! we made two stock solutions because we had two different compounds and each compound. One of our compounds dissolved in DMSO and the other in water!

  1. Future directions mentioned another protein with a similar AA sequence that you would like to test, how similar/conserved are the structures? Is it expected it would perform similarly or better?

    1. Although we haven’t student the exact chemistry of each compounds, these 3 compounds haven’t proven to all have the same medicinal and antibiotic benefits and mostly are tested together.

  2. In future directions, you mentioned isolating the specific amino acids involved that are effective against the bacteria. Why would this be important to know rather than simply just knowing what compounds are effective?

    1. We haven’t been able to take a closer look on the specific chemical sequence of these compounds, but we believe that some sequences would have greater medicinal benefits than the other depending on the structure of the compounds.

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