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  1. If this experiment was done without the limiting factors, do you think vidatox might be shown to be an effective chemotherapeutic drug?

    1. Hi Jackson! Great question, and one I would honestly love to see pursued further. I believe the most significant limiting control was the concentration levels used. I would be intrigued to see if Vidatox, at higher dose concentrations, has a different outcome in terms of chemotherapy. My gut reaction, however, is probably not. Seeing how the dilution series continued to show no results, I believe Vidatox will continue to have no effect. If a mass spec study was done, however, and the chemical breakdown was known – it would shed greater light on the compounds possibilities and how to best manipulate it for better use.

    1. Hi Natalie! Absolutely, we chose this combo for two reasons:
      1) Our lab used this across the board as a negative control, which indicates continuity between studies.
      2) We know the results of DMSO/2500 rad on wild type flies already, which makes this a great data set for comparison/baseline.

  2. This was a great presentation to watch! What are the main dangers of using Vidatox on humans since not much is known about it?

    1. Hi Tallie! Thanks for the question. This is a conundrum as little to no testing has been done on the dangers or side affects of using Vidatox. One of the main conclusions of this study was that additional testing needs to be done on Vitdaox, if for nothing other than it is used as a chemotherapeutic. We did conclude its ineffectively as a drug, but did not have the space to further this study into side-effects or what the drug does to the organism as a whole.

  3. If the same experiment using the radiation treatment was used again or for longer like you mentioned, do you think you would see similar results to what you found already?

    1. Hi Ethan! This was definitely one of our ideas for future directions. The time crunch of this lab did not allow for multiple repeat experiments or manipulation of controls. I think a longer time period for radiation treatment would be interesting, but I don’t believe it would have a significant effect on the end data. NOT listed in this poster, Vidatox seems to actually have the opposite effect on flies, creating resistant mutants 🙂

  4. Do you know approximately what the high doses of vidatox used in the successful clinical were and how do they compare to the concentrations in the unsuccessful study?

    1. Hi Murphy! There have actually been no clinical trials on vidatox to date, as this is a homeopathic drug and therefore not subject to clinical trial or regulation. This is actually the toughest part of working with Vidatox as so little is known about the drug. We would hypothesise that higher doses might have an effect, but this would need to be tested.

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