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    1. DMSO stands for Dimethylsulfoxide and is an organosulfur compound. The significance of the dose response experiment is that it helps us determine an effective dose range for the compound. By this I mean what concentration of the compound is safe for humans and not safe

  1. Great presentation! Do you think there are specific functional groups of the mitomycin chemical structure that made it less effective than the other chemotherapy drug?

    1. Im a little confused as what you mean by the “other” chemotherapy drug but no I dont think there are specific functional groups of Mitomycin that make it less effective. I think it has to do with other factors.

  2. Great presentation! Do you think there are specific functional groups on mitomycin (maybe different than some of the functional groups on the other chemo drug) that made it less effective?

  3. So since the results showed that the compound you used was effective in killing the salmonella strain at high doses what are next steps that can be down with this research. Is it possible that your compound could potentially be used as an antibiotic in the future?

    1. Our next steps would be test a more precise dose range and pinpoint a threshold of safe and not safe for humans. As well as testing the compound on different bacterias. I do think think that it could be used as an antibiotic in the future but to be honest there will probably be more effective compounds with less risk.

  4. Great presentation! Why did you use a positive control of DMSO and negative control of ampicillin? What made them a good positive and negative control?

    1. We used DMSO and Ampicillin as positive and negative controls as they are well tested, cost effective, and well available compounds. What makes them a good + and – controls is that we know how excatly how Salmonella SHOULD react with them.

    1. I believe the mitomycin produced the observed results because the compound is effective at killing bacteria as seen from it being used as chemo drug. Of course cancer isn’t a bacteria but we know Mitomycin has characteristics that make it a good antibiotic.

  5. This question is for Ryan: It almost looks like at very low concentrations your compound increases growth of Salmonella (dilutions 4 and 5). Are those significant? Do you have an idea of what might be happening with those samples?

    1. We believed that this happened because the concentration was so low that there wasn’t enough of the compound to kill or inhibit growth. So essentially it those wells acted as DMSO.

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