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    1. it gave insight to the fact that we can utilize more organic products directly from plants as a source of treatment for cancer.

  1. How would myricetin be used/administered if it were to be a good substitute for current methods?

    1. Myricetin would be used in conjuction with other chemotherapeutics. It would likely be administered intervenously.

    1. Pgp inhibitors are compounds that block the pumps responsible for filtering chemotherapeutics out of the cancer cell.

    1. There are similar articles regarding using organic chemicals as cancer treatments. They also offer good information about how natural compounds can be used looking forward.

  2. Testing this potential treatment on flies is very different then if it were tested on humans, so what makes the conclusions from the research on these flies credible?

    1. The flies are very similarly genetically to head and neck cancer turmors, and as a result can provide us with great insight into potential hits.

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