10 thoughts on “D92 – Tarpening

    1. To my knowledge, the only benefits that benzaldehyde would have as an antibiotic replacement would be there is not yet any resistance built up as it is only found in house hold items in a very small amount.

    1. Our least effective solvent for our experiment was 70% ethanol. It was the most effective with killing the salmonella however, it was the most ineffective for experiment as we could not differentiate if our positive control, ampicillin, was killing a salmonella or the 70% ethanol.

  1. Why is it necessary to deliver the benzaldehyde via a solvent? Could it be applied topically on its own?

    1. We used a solvent to deliver the benzaldehyde in our experiment because it was not 100% benzaldehyde and using a solvent would give us a better idea of what exactly we were using in our template with our salmonella

    1. This was an interesting part of our experiment for us, benzaldehyde is known to be slightly soluble in water and completely soluble in ethanol. however, there were only a few percentages of ethanol that did completely dissolved and it took a centrifuge to get there.

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