8 thoughts on “D9b – Bickham

  1. Do you know of other chemical compounds that could affect or display antibiotic properties like curcumin besides the ones discussed?

    1. Curcumin doesn’t seem to show any potential. So for the future we would test turmeric to see if these results change, but as of now more research is needed to fully answer your question.

    1. Hey Sarah! We would probably do the same procedure, but instead of using curcumin we would use 10uL of yellow dye. After collecting our results we would then subtract the yellow dye results from the results gathered when 10uL of curcumin was in the well. This will give us an of whether the yellow color was a variable or not.

    1. Hey Rene! In lab we use a spectrophotometer which is able to measure the amount of photons absorbed in a solution. Being able to measure the intensity of light gives use the data we need to understand how much of a chemical substance is in our well plate.

  2. How could the yellow color of cumin impact the results you were obtaining? Is the wavelength of yellow similar to the wavelength you were measuring?

    1. Yes, thats what we suspect. Since the yellow color has a wavelength of 580nm and the spectrophotometer read the plate at 620nm, we believe this could have showed growth when the well had a higher concentration of the Curcumin.

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