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    1. Thank you for the reply. This information can be used to help identify some of the different gene products that are integral in the life cycle of phage, and it would allow us to better understand how bacteriophage create such complex creatures with such little genetic material

    1. Thank you for your response! the purpose of the slippery sequence is to force the ribosome onto a new frame which would create a new protein, because the ribosome would be reading the 3 base pair codon starting from a different point.

    1. Thank you for the response! The reason the gene products have different stop sites is because the ribosome would be on a different frame due to the frameshift meaning that it would not read the original stop codon.

    1. Thank you for your response! I think that it would not be recognized by phamerator because phamerator would assume that the genes are coded one after the next, and it inferred that there was no frameshift because it is fairly rare.

  1. Why is this slippery sequence specific to L1 cluster phage? What advantage does it provide?

    1. Thank you for the response! The slippery sequence allows the phage to make more protein out of such a small genome, and allows the phage to conserve genomic space.

    1. Thank you for the response. The slippery sequence tells us that there is more than one protein being made from the same start site, and it allows us to better identify the gene products from the phage genome.

  2. hello, good presentation! is there anything that causes the slippery sequence to show up? or is it naturally occurring?

    1. Thank you for your response! The slippery sequence tends to occur in this part of the genome, and it is part of the genome. It usually has a lot of guanine and adenine.

  3. You mentioned that L1 phages have a high occurrence of the 14 15 frameshifting gene. Does that mean that genes 14 and 15 being a frameshift is common in these phages, or that frameshifting genes are more common in L1 phages as a whole

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