11 thoughts on “G10 – Mizzi

  1. Why did you look at A2 phages if the gene is an orphan gene and not in any other phage?

    1. The orphan gene was deleted and the gene after the orphan gene had its start coordinates changed to include this region. The orphan gene was an error by DNA master.

  2. Thank you for this interesting presentation! Do we know the mechanisms by which the phage genome is integrated? And if so is it the same between integrating cassette and partitioning cassette or different?

    1. Yes the mechanisms for integration involve the prophage and the circular phage genome that doesn’t get integrated. This is how the integration cassette and the partitioning cassette differ.

    1. I hope to kill some sort of incurable superbug like a bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics.

  3. What is the functional difference between an integration cassette and a partitioning cassette? How does this effect overall function and use of the phage?

    1. An integration cassette uses integrase and forms a prophage. A partitioning cassette uses no integrase and the circular phage genome enters the host cell but does not integrate into the genome.

  4. Good job! How would you remove the section of the genome to observe the effect on the phage?

    1. This would happen by using some sort of gene/DNA editing tool such as CrisprCAS or something like that.

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