4 thoughts on “G15 – Phillips

  1. Your poster looks great! My only question is what are your results? I see you connected your knowledge to real world findings and your knowledge about phage but I don’t see information about your experiment.

  2. Great video! You talked about how this phage and how they could possibly cause antibiotic resistance should be considered with phage therapy. How would you suggest we combat this possible antibiotic resistance caused by phage, if there is a solution…

  3. Wow, what an awesome topic. I have the same questions as those who have commented before me. To reframe in a slightly different way, do you conclude that if this study was to be repeated on a larger scale (time or otherwise) you would achieve the same promising results?

  4. Nice poster! I thought we had found many of the primary genes involved in phage function, what would some of these unknown ones do to effect resistance?

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