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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation! What information would be provided when looking for other genes that display similar patterns across other phage genomes provide?

    1. In general we would be looking for other genes that also are in a limited number of clusters that are found in drastically different areas of the genome. If we could find a gene that displays these characteristics and also has a known function that could give us a much greater insight into what is causing this difference in location.

  2. Would you be able to give a guess as to what the function of the protein could be when comparing the genome to other phage’s on phamerator or other devices such as BLAST, etc.?

    1. Unfortunately the function of this gene currently is unknown, we had no hits on BLAST or HHPred, additionally there was no synteny between other similar genomes that could lead to a valid prediction on gene function. Many phage genes are of unknown function, as more research is continued we could could come back a few years from now and reBLAST the gene to see if we have any hits then.

    1. They absolutely do! A big determent of phage clustering is their host range, or what bacteria those phage can infect. If a phage can infect a certain type of bacteria it can be engineered to infect and destroy a bacterial infection of that same type.

  3. Hello Melia!

    Could you tell me a little bit more about how HGT can contribute to efficacy of a phage in infection. Can it both reduce or increase efficacy?

    Thank you!
    Jake Carter

    1. Hello Jake! HGT is super important in determining what genes a phage has and where those genes are located within the overall genome. It can also be the trigger for a phage to adopt genes from a bacterial host. This all can affect how effective a phage is at infecting different bacteria. It can especially impact its host range. Phage need to be very specific to the bacteria they infect and changes in their genome as a result of gene transfer can have varying impacts on that ability and specificity.

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