8 thoughts on “G2 – Diaconu

  1. What is the benefit of having the sites on the H2H proteins flipped/ how or why does it do that?

    1. If the terminal sites are flipped on the protein it could mean that its function is not what is normally expected as it would probably bind onto the DNA strand upside down. It isn’t really known why some proteins do this other than that it is to serve their specific functions in greater protein complexes.

    1. Helix turn helix proteins exist in many different variances and they all have different functions from structuring DNA to helping in larger protein complexes that have specific functions, however winged ones are better for transcription due to their beta plates.

  2. What different function does the wing aspect provide to an HTH motif in comparison to a similar motif lacking the wing?

    1. The winged motif with the beta plates is better suited for transcription regulation while most of the other hth motifs just help to support DNA and hold it in place which would not be helpful the dynamic process of transcription.

    1. The only advantage of having flipped terminal ends is that it could have a different function and work better in a different protein complex, knowing if it is helps to understand what the phage actually uses this protein for as even as of right now it can not be determined with certainty.

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