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  1. Great presentation! What are some limitations of using Cas4 family exonuclease, and RecB-like proteins for DNA integration?

    1. I am not sure as to the limitations of RecB-like proteins, but Cas4 requires many other Cas proteins in order to function properly. This dependence on other proteins can limit its functionality.

    1. Cas4 is only one of the associated Cas proteins involved in the CRISPR Cas technology. Cas4, specifically, plays a role in the integration of viral DNA into host genomes via the binding of an iron-sulfur cluster.

    1. I believe the main reason would be that Cas4 has not been proven to exhibit biochemical activity.

  2. Since your gene is in Cas4 exonuclease family and the Cas4 exonuclease family is involved with developing immunity, could your gene possibly be used in gene editing autoimmune diseases, at least in prokaryotes?

    1. I would think that it could be used to edit autoimmune diseases, among other gene mutations in prokaryotes. I am not sure if the same can be said regarding eukaryotes.

    1. Cas9 is more simple and flexible, therefore making it easier to work with than Cas4.

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