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    1. It is because those genes are the ones that are being overlapped within that section of the genome, if they are smaller it is much easier for overlap to occur and due to that constraint they are nonfunctional, they would not have room to express themselves.

  1. Do you think phages in the same or similar clusters will have the reverse-transcribed genes towards the end of the genome as well?

    1. I would say yes, because I did explore a little further into other phages within the L cluster and they also seem to have a couple of genes transcribed within the opposite direction, which made me assume that this could be more dominant within the L cluster rather than other clusters.

  2. Good presentation! I was wondering how short the genes have to be to be for them to be nonfunctional?

    1. I am actually un sure of this because the program DNA master already showed me which genes were coded within the opposite direction and indicated that they were already short.

    1. I think this just has to do with basic biology and the 5′ end to 3′ end and how it can go in both directions!

    1. The significance is that they are non functional and short, which some short ones could cause overap within the genome. When genes are nonfunctional It is more of an exploratory question as to why those genes are nonfunctional and if they possibly do have a function that just needs to be found.

    1. Yes! It was very difficult finding a starting point because when you have a whole section of a genome to annotate there can be so much going on. I noticed the oppositely transcribed genes first which made it easier for me to pick my topic but it was still very hard to find out why they are transcribed that way and what it means.

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