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    1. Since we were researching the phage Deloris, we were slightly limited because it has not been fully manually annotated, rather there is only a draft annotation completed by computer softwares. However, we were able to gain a lot of information by looking at similar phages to Deloris that had been manually annotated.

  1. When the bacteriophage expresses this toxin it infects a host which then leads to a eukaryote cell death. In this manner is there a human application for this genomic work?

    1. Yes, I’d say there is likely a human application for this work, since phages have been used to treat certain bacterial diseases in humans by killing a specific type of bacteria. Phage therapy becomes no longer effective once the body develops mechanisms to defend against the phage, but if this toxin can help defend against predators of the phage, it may make phage therapy more effective/useful.

    1. Theoretically, there is a vast amount of different toxins found in bacteria that could be picked up by a phage genome during replication, so I’d say yes it could pick up a toxin that would kill the phage.

    1. Bacteriophages have been considered for applications in human medical development in the form of phage therapy, where phages are used to kill a specific bacteria in the body. This VIP2-like ADP-ribosyltransferase toxin could be useful for phage therapy since it can potentially help a specific phage survive longer in the body, and therefore have a longer therapeutic effect.

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