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  1. Super cool presentation! What was the significance of the E values and how did that contribute to your conclusion?

    1. The smaller the E-value the more similar the two genes are. E-values for phage AMGs would be smaller because these genes originated from the host bacteria (or similar bacteria).

    1. The genes in question were blasted or searched on HHpred to see if they had bacterial homology

    1. Essentially phages like to trade genes between one another or sometimes end up taking up host genes- Horizontal gene transfer is just a fancy term for that.

    1. PrPP is the compound that starts off purine de novo synthesis. PrPP transferase is an enzyme that takes out the 2 of the 3 phosphate groups from the PrPP to make the next intermediate in the De novo purine pathway.

    1. Transferases just add or take out certain functional groups from compounds to make the next intermediate in the pathway. In this case PrPP transferase takes out 2 phosphate groups form PrPP

    1. I used Phamerator to get the amino acid sequence for the two genes and made a search query on HHpred and Blastp.

  2. With phages possibly deriving their genes from their host, is it possible to look at those genes from the phages and determine which host it likely came from?

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