5 thoughts on “G8 – Linders

  1. Were the results that Deloris has a Par A and Par B at 34 and 35 known or was this found through experimentation? Was the goal of the experiment to find the location of the genes?

    1. The goal of the experiment was mainly to determine the function of these two genes. Originally we did not find a parA gene and only the parB, so we had to do a lot of research to get there. Then after that, my main goal was to find how this could affect the prophages that Deloris would create.

    1. Because this is a parABS cassette rather than integrase, the phage DNA cannot integrate into that host chromosome. But these parS binding sites allow the phage to circularize its plasmid outside of the host DNA to create a successful lysogen.

    2. The parABS cassette does not allow the phage DNA to integrate into the host chromosome like a normal integration cassette. These genes then provide sites to circularize outside the host chromosome. This extrachromosomal plasmid allows for a successful lysogen.

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