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  1. Nice job! Would there be any other reasons besides incorrect primers that would lead to not being able to find the cluster?

    1. Thank you! Incorrect primers is the most obvious reason for our inability to find the cluster. The results indicate that the restriction digest outcomes were incorrect and so re-running our restriction digest would hopefully allow us to find the correct primers.

      Though if this is not the case, it’s possible either the primers used were malfunctioning or that our phage has unknown / uncharacterized binding sites.

  2. How will your research impact further studies in antibiotic-restistant infections and their treatment?

    1. Thanks for the comment! We hope that Shweta can be used in further research for treatments of cystic fibrosis patients with bacterial infections. Patients with CF often suffer from multi-drug resistant bacterial infections of the lungs that are often fatal. There have been promising studies that show Siphoviridae phages like Shweta can be used to help these patients.

  3. Awesome presentation! Do you happen to know if bacteriophages can be used for other reasonings besides in the clinical setting?

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