7 thoughts on “P10 – Beger

  1. Did you let the phages sit over a certain amount of time before evaluating them? If so, how long?

  2. You talked about possible contamination happening for the Agarose Gel experiment. Any ideas on where this could have come from?

    1. Mainly through contamination of the reagents, though it’s more likely that the sample concentrations were faulty.

  3. Where did you get the soil that contained your phage? Was there a reason you got it from there?

    1. The soil sample was obtained by our respective teaching assistants. My specific sample was from: 2/18/2021, 2:10 pm, Boulder CO, -1ºC, 40.009788,-105.268866. The sample was taken from our campus for simplicity.

    1. Essentially archiving means that you have figured out everything you can about your phage such as its cluster, subcluster and titer, etc., and are inputting it into a database so that future researchers can use it to find similarities their phages.

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