10 thoughts on “P57 – Marleton

    1. Phages have medical implication, for those who are antibiotic resistance to drugs phage theraphy can be a great alternative

  1. What are the medical, industrial or research applications of your findings? If none, how could other bacteriophage researchers utilize these findings?

    1. The biggest finding that was study was the use of phages to treat M. tuberculous. There are phages that can infect similar bacteria and have a similar result.

    1. The size of the plaques relate to the efficiency of absorption, the smaller the less progeny there is for diffusion.

  2. What does it mean to be “lysed”? what does PCR sequencing tell you and why is it helpful? You explained this a bit but I still wanted to ask

    1. To be lysed means that the bacteria is being killed or destroyed by the phage. When we continue on to PCR sequencing we will be able to amplify DNA sequences to see recognize the identity of the phage much more readily

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