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  1. What is significant about identifying a phage’s Family Type, or is there anything unique about the Siphoviridae Family of phages? Great presentation!

    1. Thank you! Phages of a given family are more likely to infect specific bacterial families: in this case, Siphoviridae are more likely to infect certain species of Mycobacteria. When an infectious pathogen is identified in a patient, they determine its strain, and find the phage family that matches before testing it for phage therapy.

  2. Really great poster and presentation Quinn! I liked how well your presentation flowed, and how you referred to your figures throughout the whole presentation. This made your results and the significance of your research very clear.

      1. Thank you so much for the praise and feedback! Only Myoviridae phage have been observed to be part of Cluster C. While not significant, it narrows down the host range of Sisyphus.

  3. Great presentation! Can both lytic and lysogenic phage be used for antibiotic resistance treatment?

    1. Thanks! Only lytic phage can be used for treating bacterial infections, as bacteria infected with lysogenic phage will acquire resistance to the phage treatment.

    1. Our dirt sample was chosen beneath a tree due to the dampness and loaminess of the soil. To be completely honest here, we used our hands to dig it out.

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