9 thoughts on “P62 – Burg

  1. Why would you prefer a lytic phage as opposed to a lysogenic phage (specifically for experimentation)?

    1. A lytic phage is preferred, as it is more fefective in killing the bacteria. Temperate phage only kill a percentage of bacteria, as it integrates its genome into the host some of the time, preventing lysis.

    1. I got my soil sample from outside of Kitt West. This does affect my results, as phage from different samples had different concentration or lifecycles.

    1. My soil sample was collected from the soil under a bush outside of Kitt west. This affects results, as our specific phage is one of a million different types of phage, containing different structure and efficiency of killing bacteria.

    1. Thank you! Many bacteriums have become resistant to antibiotics. Phage can be specific to the same host, and effectively kill the bacteria that has become resistant to the antibiotic.

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