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    1. Environmental changes cause the repressor gene to inactivate, allowing the phage to enter the lytic cycle. Thanks for your question!

    1. Phage have potential to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria since they infect bacteria. Its possible that phage can treat bacterial infection whose condition is not improved with antibiotics by infecting and lysing the bacteria, clearing the infection. Thanks for your question!

    1. Yes! As a temperate phage, Gobe would need to be genetically modified, inactivating its repressor gene so that it may undergo a lytic lifestyle to treat bacterial infection. Gobe’s host range would also need to be determined before therapeutic treatment. Thank you for your question!

    1. Ideally, DNA would be apparent in a replicated quality control gel. This would allow us to perform future experiments such as a restriction digest, PCR, and cluster analysis which would be useful in stratification as well as application to therapeutic treatment. Thank you for your question!

  1. What errors did you encounter when isolating the DNA? And how would this affect your results?

    1. During the first round of DNA isolation, we encountered human error including but not limited to overheating the DNA sample and pressure from the plunger potentially removing the DNA from our sample. During our second DNA isolation, our DNA was the first sample loaded into the gel. The sample sat in the gel for nearly an hour while other students loaded their samples, giving ample time for the sample to escape the lane or dissolve. Thank you for your question!

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