6 thoughts on “P65 – Inman

  1. Say you tested the host range like you stated in future directions, what would this tell you about your phage?

    1. This would tell us about what other hosts that aren’t related the M. smeg that our specific phage could infect. This is super important if our phage was to be used in phage therapy because phages are specialized and can sometimes only infect certain hosts.

  2. If you were to conclude positively that the hypothesis’ you made in your middle diagrams were correct would that change your future directions in any way or would they stay the same. When saying this I am referencing the conclusions you made from diagrams 2, 3, and 4.

    1. The conclusions in digram 2-4 are all characteristics of the phage so in my future directions this would simply add on to those characteristics of our phage. So, to explicitly answer your question no they wouldn’t change the future directions.

  3. What impact, if any, does your phage being in the siphoviridae versus myoviridae family have on the ability of the phage to kill bacteria?

    1. The family has no impact on the ability to kill bacteria, it is simply looking at the size and shape of the phage itself. The only thing we looked at in our research that effects the ability to kill bacteria is the life cycle of the phage.

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