8 thoughts on “P68 – Meurer-Zeman

    1. Overall the low quality observation is more of a description of the DNA, what is more important is the titer of the phage which is the concentration, this will affect how much it lyses the bacteria it is infecting. The low DNA will prevent us from doing some experiments that require high quality, such as submitting our DNA for sequencing

    1. We can try to run the quality control experiment again to see if we did something wrong and that is why the result when we ran the gel electrophoresis was low quality, however there is nothing we can change about the DNA with the tools we have. So no, there is nothing we can to improve the quality of the DNA

    1. By classifying this phage we can later submit it to find its genome map and find out if it could fight different types of bacteria infections

  1. What does the high quantity and low quality values found in your research mean for the way a bacteriophage will interact in phage therapy?

    1. Overall there are some experiments that need to be done based on certain parameters which are usually that it has to have high quality, for example for a DNA sample to be submitted to DNA sequencing the DNA has to be high quality. Ours is not so we cannot submit it. The interaction that bacteriophage have with bacteria will be different based on its titer so its overall concentration rather than the DNA quality and quantity as much

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