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    1. When it came to our plaque morphologies, we redid our serial dilutions around a total of 3 times trying to isolate a single size of plaque. When we isolated the smallest plaque we would still be culturing bigger plaques. When it came to our EM pictures, the measurements were around the same for each image that we got from a different phage. The final test that we could do is continue on with the redo of the restriction digest with a PCR sample.

    1. Other risks that were not mentioned are the phage passing on harmful genes into the human, there is also the risk that the phage will make the bacteria become resistant.

  1. Based on your EM picture, were you able to derive any clustering information about your phage that may narrow down your ability to categorize it? I know that you mentioned this is an area in which you would like to do more work, but I am just curious as to whether you have any suspicions about its Cluster ID so far.

    1. At the current moment the only information that I can provide about the phage is that it is a siphoviridae.

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