8 thoughts on “P12 – Sharma

    1. We chose those PCR primers based on the results from the restriction enzyme digest. Comparing the cut pattern to an online database showed similarity to those sub clusters.

  1. Why does UV radiation keep the phage in the lytic lifecycle longer? Also what does the amount of fragments in figure 2 mean?

    1. UV radiation doesn’t keep the phage in the lytic cycle, but rather induced a temperate phage into the lytic cycle. The number of fragments can be used to determine the genome size and the number of cuts can help determine the sub luster by comparing that to an online program.

    1. We wouldn’t be able to the necessarily predict the effects since mutations are very random, but some possibilities are change in the life cycle from lytic to temperate or a change in infection rate or plaque morphology.

    1. I didn’t select to use this phage but rather isolated it, so there wasn’t really a choice. UV radiation wasn’t used, but could be a potential future experiment to determine what effects fit would have on its life cycle.

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