8 thoughts on “P13 – Barker

    1. Id do a series of different UV lighting and see how a certain lytic phage clusters would react to them. The predicts would be based off our their morphology whether they were a Siphoviridae or a myoviridae phage.

    1. I classified my phage as a lytic phage that had a morphology of Siphoviridae based off of the EM photo with the small head and long tail. We also concluded that it came from cluster A and sub cluster A1. That is the furthest I can classify my phage. With those being known we are able to archive the results for further research to be done for phage therapy.

  1. Can you get any idea about some of the features of your phage are based on what cluster it is in?

    1. We didn’t get to the PCR results but based on those it confirmed that it did come from cluster A and sub cluster A1. The photo that was taken wasn’t very good thats why we didnt use it but based on the results the A1 sub cluster appeared on the gel and the F1 sub cluster did not. Which solidifies our conclusion that our phage did belong to sub cluster A1.

    1. All phages are in some sort of cluster such as W,F,R or even A like ours was. Clusters are like categories that a phage will fall under based on the number of cuts it has and the EM photo. Knowing the cluster characterizes the phage so we can archive it.

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