8 thoughts on “P8 – Spinuzzi

  1. I appreciate you stating your limitation and conclusion. What was your hypothesis and what are your long term future directions?

    1. We hypothesized that we would be able to isolate the DNA of a single new bacteriophage. Our long term future directions are to isolate the DNA of the phage we isolated and sequence it.

  2. Good job on your presentation! I was wondering what was one of the most interesting pieces of information you found while doing background research on your project?

    1. The most interesting that I discovered was phage therapy and how it can be used in humans to fight diseases.

  3. What do you think would make the test of higher quality/ why do you think the gels smeared so much?

    1. I think it smeared so much be our DNA was degraded due to isolating the DNA in the wrong manner.

  4. Really enjoyed your presentation! I was just wondering, is there any significant to the different sizes of your phages? Does this categorize them in any way?

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