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  1. What is the purpose behind this research program at CU? Phages are super cool and I would love to know more about the potential application of your research!

    1. This research program focuses on understanding how phages work and ways that they can be applied through the isolation of a novel phage. Our phage is lytic which means it will kill all of the bacteria it infects, this can be applied in the medical field in treating bacterial infections. Even more amazing, this treatment can be used against bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics!

  2. How would you measure how the temperature would effect the bacteriophage in future experiments?

    1. So if a phage was more effective at 37⁰ C than at 30⁰ C, the plaques formed at 37⁰ C would be larger. This means that the phage at this temperature would spread faster than when it is incubated at the other temperature.

  3. What are some previous examples of research that have been done on your phage or phage in general?

    1. As we just discovered our phage, there hasn’t been much research done on it aside from us identifying it. However, much of the research being done on phages will explore the usefulness of them in treatment of bacterial infections and other methods to modify them and increase their effectiveness in treatment

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