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    1. A long term project would be to redo purification and then move onto PCR analysis to determine the cluster of our phage so that way the next step would be to sequence the phage genome for phage therapy uses.

  1. You mention that the results of figure 3 were inconclusive because of contamination, what were you excepting to see? What’s missing?

    1. In our figure, there are smears of DNA at the bottom of each lane, especially in HaeIII’s lane. In this lane you expect to see distant lines of DNA all with different length in the lane for some but maybe not all cut enzymes used. When you see a distinct line(s) of DNA you can go through phagesdb and compare and analyze your restriction digest plot to help determine which cluster your phage might belong to in order to use the cluster specific primers in PCR analysis.

  2. You mention that the restriction digest test was contaminated with DNA, do you have an idea (based on morphology or other information) what cluster your phage may have fallen into?

    1. My lab partner and I hypothesized that our phage may be in cluster O or cluster N based off comparing the EM phage morphology results with those with confirmed clusters in phagesdb, however with a contaminate restriction digest plot it was not conclusive enough to be sure about which cluster our phage belonged to.

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