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  1. Hi Jackson! I think we went to Niwot High School together, though I believe I was a year ahead of your. I’m not 100% sure, but I think you were in Mrs. Schlagel’s Calc BC class while I was her teachers assistant. Overall I thought you did a great job with the poster, and it’s great that you were able to do Restriction Digest, I know a lot of people don’t make it to that point during the semester. My one piece of advice is that you label the Restriction Digest image a little more clearly, and describe the method a bit more.

    1. Hey Eva, that’s right I was in that class! That’s funny you reviewed my poster. Thank you for the advice though, we had some spacing issues fitting everything in but will prioritize that in the future.

  2. Hi Jackson, I though your presentation was overall very good! I like your pacing and the poster seems very well organized.

    However as others have said, was there a distinct methods portion for this lab that is missing from the poster?

    While I feel that I generally understood what the methods process was from the presentation, it definitely would be nice to have something on the poster to help track the presentation better.

    Overall, great job!

    1. Sedique, thank you for the compliment! The requirements for our poster seem to be a little different than for other classes. While a proper methods section wasn’t required(at least that I saw), I agree that we could/should have done a bit more to clarify our methods. Thanks!

    1. The RNA contamination seen in our quality control experiment would have only affected future experiments done with that specific sample of DNA. What may have happened is it could have skewed a restriction digest experiment specifically, as the digestion enzymes wouldn’t have been able to bind to the RNA, leaving a band of RNA somewhere on the gel that may have skewed results.

  3. Loved the presentation! Quick question, why did you focus your research on lytic phage rather than lysogenic phage?

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