7 thoughts on “P17 – Regnery

  1. Hi Alex! Really good presentation. I am curious if you could tell me what the restriction digest results would look like if that experiment had been more successful?

    1. After discussing this further with my TA, it turns out that it may not have been unsuccessful but more so that we isolated a unique phage that did not generate any cuts with the chosen enzymes which just means that it is likely not part of a known cluster.

  2. Hey Alex, I wanted to know are there any mutations in phages that have shown promise in helping phage therapy?

  3. I was also curious about the restriction digest. Had the restriction digest been rerun to yield better results, what would determining the size of the genome / amount of cuts made made by the enzymes mean for the experiment’s conclusion?

    1. I think my answer to Terese’s question will help answer this. But to expand, If we had gotten certain cuts it would help determine whether or not our phage was a part of specific cluster.

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