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    1. Yes, for O cluster phages because of their unique shape. Although all other phages need to use a PCR test to determine the cluster of phage.

  1. What exactly is phage therapy and why is it a beneficial or useful medical treatment? What is the medicinal/clinical application of your research?

    1. Phage therapy is the use of bacteriophage to cure bacterial infections, this is beneficial for medical treatment because if the patient’s bacteria is antibiotic resistant they can use bacteriophage to cure the patient. The medical application to this research is that our phage will be archived and placed into a data base that doctors are able to use when searching for a specific phage that can infect the bacteria of their patient.

  2. What exactly is phage therapy and what is its advantage in treating bacterial infections/diseases? What is the clinical application of your research in terms of medicine?

  3. What exactly is phage therapy and why is it advantageous for fighting bacterial infections? How does your research fit into the greater study on bacterial infections (aka, what is the clinical application of this research)?

    1. Lytic phage are extremely useful for phage therapy because they actually kill the host bacterial cell that they infect, this ability allows them to get rid of the bacterial infection completely and cure the patient.

  4. Is there anything that could be done in the future repeating the experiment to improve the quality of the DNA being used?

    1. Yes, in the future we would redo the DNA isolation experiment and test it on a quality control gel to make sure the DNA is of higher quality, and keep repeating this until we get high quality DNA.

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