6 thoughts on “P22 – Hamitouche

  1. Is it possibly the phage entered a lysogenic cycle from the temper ant in between platings and this is why the plaque morphology differs?

    1. That is possible but the most likely case is that when plating the dilutions we did not try to isolate both plaques separately but only tried to isolate one. So I think chance had more to do here than anything else.

  2. Why did you choose to isolate Bartholomew Jr, rather than selecting the other phage that was in the sample as well?

    1. This was simply up to chance. We did not choose but rather that was just the one we ended up with after all the dilutions.

    1. We didn’t choose, We just diluted it many times until we got only one phage. which just happened to be the temperate one by chance.

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