12 thoughts on “P13 – Aberle

    1. We chose Roomba as out test subject because we wanted to isolate a phage from a soil sample which are found basically everywhere. It just so happened that we found ours in a sample of soil from the library at CU .

  1. Hi Madison! Without doing a restriction digest or PCR gel, is there any cluster that you may think your phage is already involved in?

    1. Unfortunately we can’t determine an exact cluster but we can narrow down what cluster it could potentially be a part of by seeing what clusters siphoviridae phages belong in.

  2. Based on the web pattern plate and electron microscopy what were you expecting from the gel quality control?

    1. We were expecting to find low-smearing DNA which would tell us we have a high quality of our concentrated DNA.

  3. Hi Madison! How would you transform your phage to make it a better candidate for phage therapy?

    1. To make our phage a better candidate for phage therapy I would want to make sure our phage is lytic.

  4. What environmental conditions may trigger a bacteriophage to switch from a lysogenic to a lytic life cycle?

    1. Environmental factors such as UV light, starvation, and exposure to toxic chemicals may trigger a bacteriophage to switch from a lysogenic to a lytic life cycle.

  5. Hi! How reliable would you say your data is–do you think more trials should be run to corroborate your results or are you confident and the future directions you suggested could simply be pursued based on your findings here?

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