8 thoughts on “P28 – Swanson

  1. This presentation was great! What would you say was the most challenging part of the experiments you conducted during this lab?

    1. The most challenging part of this experiment was getting the results and determining if they were conclusive enough to move onto the next steps and having to repeat experiments if they were not.

  2. How would PCR and sequencing in the future aid in confirming the phage cluster, and how does that information add to the medical aspect of phage therapy?

    1. PCR and sequencing would aid into confirming the cluster as it allows the data known about the specific phage to be placed into a cluster based on the similarities that the other phages have within. The PCR and sequencing allows for the proper data to place them within a cluster.

  3. Do you think your phage could be further tested and potentially be successfully used in the future?

    1. If the experiment was continued and went onto further testing, it would be most likely be successful as it allows the phage cluster to be identified which allows for more research and knowledge, leading to the possibility of the phage entering clinical trials.

  4. Why did you investigate your specific phages? What makes it promising compared to other phages?

    1. Each phage created is unique, providing different properties than any others. This allows the phage to be researched and used for specific diseases and bacterial infections that are resisting antibiotics, making every phage important to investigate.

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