8 thoughts on “P16 – Pham

  1. In your future directions, you mention that phages in the same cluster infect the same bacterial hosts and thus can also be used for phage therapy. Are there any other factors other than target bacteria that may make a bacteriophage more or less effective in therapy?

    1. Other factors, not necessarily relating to the morphology of bacteriophage, has to do with the dosage amount and when to administer it to the patients.

  2. What are some more long-term experiments or tests you would run to test the efficacy of this phage in phage therapy?

    1. PCR and restriction digests are by far the most efficient tests as of right now known to characterize our phages, however, instead of using M.smeg we would use a similar bacteria to test with our phage.

  3. When talking about further doing PCR tests, how would that benefit your experiment and solidify your results?

    1. PCR tests will help characterize our phage and the cluster it belongs to, which can then be further classified and used for treating certain bacterial infections.

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