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    1. Phage therapy is basically a new, probably more effective form of bacterial infection treatment than modern antibiotics. Many bacterium are becoming resistant to antibiotics, but bacteriophage show promising results for eradicating bacterial infections. My research could have added a new phage to the database to be used in phage therapy.

    1. About halfway through the semester, many students in the phage labs here either noticed new, very small plaques on their agar plates after already purifying their sample down to one specific phage. This meant that there was a new phage that contaminated many samples, and this one was confirmed to be the phage that must have contaminated my original sample. I presume it must have stuck around in a freezer or refrigerator and contaminated the lab surfaces after it was put back into use.

  1. Was there any scientific reason why you named the bacteria, Campanula, or did you randomly choose that name?

    1. No, there was no scientific reason. If you want the story behind mine, I actually got the name from the anime Attack on Titan. In the show, these flowers keep randomly getting shown, and only once or twice do they refer to them, but they seem to have a greater significance. They’re a very soft purple bell flower called Campanula. I think these flowers are very beautiful and decided to name my phage after them.

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