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    1. Clinical applications of the novel phage include phage therapy which involves lytic bacteriophage since they lyse and kill the bacterial host cell. Phages in cluster F, however, are generally temperate, which means the phage integrates its genome into the bacterial host chromosome. There might be clinical applications that I am unaware of, but for Cluster F all I know is that they include temperate phage and not lytic. It’s also important to note that our phage was only proposed/ hypothesized to be in cluster F and not determined.

    1. I’ll begin to answer your question by defining a cluster which is a group of similar phages. Cluster F includes a group of temperate phages. F1 is a subcluster within Cluster F. The cluster was a hypothesis and not determined or is for sure, and this hypothesis was made through the illustration of the restriction digest gel.

  1. To begin to answer your question I’ll define a cluster. A cluster is a group of similar phages. The cluster F involves a group of temperate phages. Our phage was simply proposed to be in cluster F, and subcluster F1 through the restriction digest gel visualization and phage enzyme tools.

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