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    1. Unfortunately, I do not due to us getting a bad restriction digest which didn’t allow us to even hypothesis what cluster our phage is a part of.

  1. Thank you for sharing your research! I just have a few questions: What steps did you take to isolate your phage and get the EM pictures? What are some benefits of your phage being temperate?

    1. The benefit of a temperate phage is the lysogenic cycle, during this cycle instead of destroying the phage outright like the lytic cycle, the phage will infect the hosts DNA directly, so the host cell will slowly change the DNA of the cell so that phage can be produced by the cell until an error occurs, and the cell dies.

  2. Do the other properties that the electron microscopy can show also play a role in identifying if its a Siphoviridae phage?

    1. Yes, most of the issues came up in our early procedures, and example of this was when we were trying to collect the DNA of our Phage, we need to collect at least 3 mL of our phage to archive but the first time we only got 2 mL and then we got none on the next run through. The third time we tried we collected 6 mL.

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