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    1. This was confirmed once we saw that it was a part of the siphoviridae morphology, it is one of the tail characteristics. Our phage EM pictures were also compared to others within the siphoviridae morphology to confirm that the tail was non-contractile.

  1. Would there have been a difference in the future directions if the phage was lytic instead of temperate?

    1. I would have recommended trying for phage therapy because lytic phage are preferred over temperate phage for phage therapy due to the fact that they go through one single life cycle rather than risking it with a 50/50 of both life cycles with temperate phage.

  2. Since you identified as part of the A4 cluster, what does that mean in the larger context of the research?

    1. In the larger context the cluster is not necessarily as significant as the type of phage or the life cycle that it follows. For our phage being apart of the A4 cluster, it means that it is apart of its “phamily” and shares similar genes to others within the A4 cluster. The most important thing for the larger context is that the phage is temperature, can undergo both the lytic and the lysogenic life cycle, and could be considered for phage therapy due to the possibility it will undergo the lytic life cycle.

  3. Are you able to do anything with your phage in phage therapy even though it is temperate? If no, why not?

    1. it is possible to proceed with phage therapy because there is a 50/50 chance it will go through the lytic life cycle which is preferred. It is just not favored because of that risk that it will go through the lysogenic life cycle rather than the lytic.

  4. Great presentation Kristina!! You were fantastic all throughout the semester and such a thoughtful learner! So glad to see that expressed in this video and proud you were able to go this far with your phage!

    1. Thank you so much Claire! You are such a big part of why I loved being in this lab so much along with why I am continuing on with it next semester! You’re the best PA ever!

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