10 thoughts on “P21 – Koirala

    1. There could have been some issues brought about by the thickness of our gel because we accidentally made a gel too big for the mold.

  1. What exactly should someone be looking for to tell the difference in the phage if it falls under Lytic or Lysogenic cycle?

    1. Its mostly the opacity of the plaques where phages undergoing the lytic cycle have clear plaques and the phages undergoing the lysogenic cycle have more opaque plaques with halos

  2. What do you think prevented the DNA from not being good enough for further experimentation?

    1. We were constantly having issues with the phage not propagating and having a low amount of phages so it could have been that there weren’t enough phages to create a substantial amount of DNA.

  3. What, if any, are some of the issues that you encountered during your experiment and how did you and your team overcome it?

    1. We had alot of issues regarding the low virility of the phage and we had to increase the amount of phage we put into the plates in order to create a web pattern

    1. It could be used to potentially treat tuberculosis as the bacteria we used in the lab were in the same family.

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