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  1. In the future, you explained that you would want to expose your phages to radiation or chemicals to induce the lytic cycle. What type of radiation or chemicals would you want to test with? Are there other possible methods to induce this lytic cycle?

    1. Well we would complete an experiment known as induction and the radiation we would use to complete this is UV light radiation!

    1. Long tail fibers are the initial receptors of binding proteins whereas short tail fibers are what trigger the infections!

    1. Our serial dilutions resulted in five different plaque plates as shown in the video. What we did with these reults were used to calcualte the high titer lysate and through this it allowed us to isolate DNA to run a restriction digest in order to conclude whether or not our phage has DNA.

  2. Hey Meghan! Were the results you obtained similar to your predictions and did you encounter any limitations during your experiments?

    1. Our results that we obtained were not similar to ANY of our predictions! We ran and continue to run into multiple different limitations during this process constantly changing out predictions. Our main struggle that we are still expiermenting with today is our lack of DNA in our phage! We have completed two restriction digest and we still have yet to locate DNA. This contridicts our predictions because we predicted that our phage would have DNA!

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